Sunday, February 17, 2008

Old School!!!

In case no one has noticed, I have a deep appreciation for old cars and trucks. Whether they are pristine restorations, or rusting away peacefully beyond repair makes no difference to me. Saturday night was the annual twerp dance at our local high school. This year's theme was the 1920's. My daughter made a comment that she had seen an old "model T looking car" that would be cool to take photos with in their outfits. Unfortunately she did not remember where she had seen it.

On a whim, I had her turn the car around and pull it into a stranger's driveway. This "stranger" keeps a beautiful old coupe in his garage and I have noticed it over the years. He happened to be in his garage doing some woodworking when we arrived. After introducing ourselves, I asked if he would be willing to meet us and let the kids take pictures with his car. He was more than willing, and even seemed to enjoy that we had asked. So, we arranged to meet down the street in the parking lot of the electric company that evening with my daughter and a group of friends.

Right on time, Mr. Jim came rolling up in his beautiful car. He explained that it is a 1948 Desoto, and that he knows of only 4 others like it in the United States. It is the epitome of classic from its deep wide gracefull fenders and split windshield to its wide whitewall tires and art deco trim. He intends to redo the car soon with new chrome and new paint among the plans. As for the photos, they wouldn't have been the same without using the car as a backdrop. Thank you Jim, all of the kids were thrilled, and appreciate your generousity.

Here are a handfull of the photographs that were taken with the car.


lynne said...

Fantastic set! Your mastery of the outdoor lighting is apparent here. Fun costumes, great story with the deSoto! Just beautiful.

Heasleye said...

Looking at these just makes me happy! GREAT job!

Jeff said...

Hey ,
Thanks to you both for the supportive comments. It is alway appreciated.