Friday, October 10, 2008

These Are the Days...

Our local high school held it's annual homecoming dance a few weeks ago. Breanna, my youngest daughter, allowed me to capture in photographs the early evening part of her festivities. This is a fun time for me as a father and photographer. The kids always look their best, and it is a time when even the shyest of them will allow a photo or two.

I have now had plenty of experience with high school dances. We usually begin in our own backyard, capturing photos of our own kids and their dates. Then, usually, we meet a large group of kids and their parents for photographs at some other pre-determined location. Here the kids get together for large group shots with friends, and I usually come away also with some nice candid photos from these gatherings.

Afterwards, the kids all leave for a resturant, and then on they go to the dance. The waiting begins...and if you are a parent you know exactly what I mean!


"Overflowing was the theme for a recent Corner Challenge at The object was to portray overflowing in a photograph. My entry, "Suds" at left, held it's ground during the voting for a first place finish. This image represents one of only a handful of others where I have utilized multiple off-camera flash sources for light. Using the Canon STE2 transmitter to fire the flash units, I located One at camera right and one at camera left. This was a simple set up, with a 1:1 ratio on the lighting. I used a small aperture to hold as much of the texture in focus as possible. Both the bottle and the mug had spent some time in the freezer before hand to also add to that texture.