Sunday, May 11, 2008

Congratulations Courtney and Tommy!!!

Last Friday night, I was blessed with the opportunity to share in the festivities as Courtney and Tommy got hitched!!! The location was a rustic building just across the St. Helena Parish line and was the perfect spot for a cozy and romantic evening. The bride wore a beautiful candlelight gown. The Groom, and groomsmen, wore black tuxedos that were accessorized with camoflauge vests and ties. The music was good! The food was great! ...and a good time was had by all!!! Congratulations Courtney and Tommy!!!


Elaine said...

Stunning work, Jeff! I'm so impressed with your job on this wedding, and the fact that you edited so quickly! Way to go!

Jeff said...

Elaine, Recieving such praise from someone as talented as you is indeed an honor. I owe the speedy edit time to the fact that I prepared as well as I knew how. I spent some time during the rehearsal taking multiple white balance target shots throughout the room under the various light sources. I eventually found one that looked nearly great, and gelled the flash to approximately match the lighting temperature. Once the wedding was over it was a simple matter of adjusting one photo to a white balance that looked good to the eye and then synching the entire set. It was pretty much minor adjustments in exposure and adding flourishes after that. Everything was done in lightroom other than a few that I chose to take a bit farther. Lightroom and RAW definately helped speed up the process!