Thursday, July 10, 2008

More from New Mexico...


Scott said...

At first, I was a bit puzzled by the music selection because I was thinking youth=high energy=amped up music. But somewhere around minutes 3 or 4, I became very quiet inside as the music drew me in and guided me to remember the other parts of the trip . . . the quiet bits . . . the little joys and small victories. And the intense but quiet joy that comes with a mind at peace, and a heart that knows beyond any reasonable expectation that I am loved. That was the theme of this mission trip, and I think you've captured it beautifully.

I think the pace is just right, and the sparing use of words, especially quoting Lizzy's note at the very end, was just enough without going overboard.

Sparse, but profound, since it invites the audience to share a piece of the trip's experience in quiet contemplation and gives them space to involve themselves in the "moments between the moments".

I believe that most who see it will, as I did when I first viewed it, go through a transformation. They will enter the experience with a million things pressing in on them, but through the miracle of this guided meditation (since that is actually what this is), they will emerge refreshed, renewed, and very much aware of God's intense yet gentle, infinite yet personal, love for them.

Simply perfect . . . great job. :)

Jeff said...

Thanks Scott,
This particular piece of music has the same effect on me. I was forced to loop several sections of it together for the proper run length, and am glad I didn't ruin it's mood.

I first heard it on an episode of the TV show "Lost". The name of the piece is "Life and Death" by Michael Giacchino. I like the fact that it is simple, and complicated at the same time. The pauses throughout lend it very well to being used for this type of presentation.

Hopefully the folks who weren't on the trip will be transformed by it as I was...and now you..and they can get somewhat of a sense of what went on in New Mexico as well as a little something about what went on inside each of us.

Julie said...

Okay, I saw it now. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. That song that was chosen seemed to have an anointing on it that when viewed with the video, as Scott said, drew you in. It cause me to reflect on my life, think of my 13 year old daughter and the struggles that we face. Thank you for sharing this video with me. It blessed me.

Chris said...

After reading what Scott had to more words are needed. Except maybe to say, that the transformation Scott described is completely paralleled by the metamorphasis of every soul blessed with attending that trip. The buildings underwent physical transformation as did our hearts a spiritual one...that my friend, you have captured in a picture frame. Well done.

Heasleye said...

Well done, Jeff. I instantly recognized the music as I heard it on Lost, and it wasn't what I expected either, yet it proved to be a fitting and wonderful choice for your presentation. What a blessing for you to use your talents and skills in this way, and what a blessing for the youth group and church to experience your trip this way.

Jeff said...


I appreciate you expressing how the video affected you. I am thankful that...not knowing anyone in the photos, and not having been a part of the experience we shared, you were still able to apply what you saw here to your own personal life. I know little of the relationship between you and your daughter, but having done this for awhile now I can say that I have the utmost respect in todays teens. They face much tougher challenges and choices than we ever did. Hang in there, and savor every second. She will be in her twenties in the blink of an eye.

Jeff said...


Guess we will really find out tommorrow? Wish I didn't have to work!

Thanks for commenting!

Jeff said...


I figured you would recognize the tune!! I almost sent you a notice to check the vid out, but decided instead to wait and see if you noticed. Im glad you like it.

We have an incredible recource in the adults who work with our kids. Where one of our talents and skill sets is weak, others are strong. It is a terrific mix of experience, talent, and personality in this toolbox that we offer up. It is the best kept secret in church!