Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Up To the Minute...

For the last few weeks, I have been involved in several small photo competitions. The first is at . In this competition the theme was "silloutte". I entered a photo that I had captured at a recent wedding in Gulf Shores, Alabama. My efforts produced a first place win in my first competition on that website.
"The Honeymooners"

The second competition I was involved with is at . Here I had qualified for this quarterly challenge with a photograph taken several months ago. This quarterly "Mega" challenge was made up of photographers who placed in the top 5 in votes for the photographs they entered in the qualifying rounds. The theme here was "The Elements". I chose to enter an image that was built in several steps, a layered composite. It followed a very basic and literal interpretation of the theme. When the final scoring ended, it had done well with the judges, but not well enough to win. Maybe next time!

"Tungsten No.74"


Heasleye said...

Big congratulations to you, for both images, Jeff! Well deserved...the first is stunning and the second is striking! When I saw Tungsten No. 74 I had great admiration for your creativity and vision and ability to carry it through to completion. I think it should have ended up higher in the final results, but you still came away with a fantastic image! Way to go!

Jeff said...

Thanks Elaine.

I'm sure you have guessed that since "Tungsten No.74" is a non-portrait it was a step outside of my comfort zone. Regardless of the points it earned, and I was pleased with the results, it was a huge personal success for me. I seldom put this much planning into a single image. The fact that I was able to visualize it ahead of time and then bring it fully to fruition was a win for me.

I think it is funny how much it resembles many of my portraits though. Brick background and a rule of thirds headshot. It just struck me as a portrait of sorts once completed.

Thanks for your kind remarks, and the vote of confidence. This is always appreciated.