Friday, October 10, 2008

These Are the Days...

Our local high school held it's annual homecoming dance a few weeks ago. Breanna, my youngest daughter, allowed me to capture in photographs the early evening part of her festivities. This is a fun time for me as a father and photographer. The kids always look their best, and it is a time when even the shyest of them will allow a photo or two.

I have now had plenty of experience with high school dances. We usually begin in our own backyard, capturing photos of our own kids and their dates. Then, usually, we meet a large group of kids and their parents for photographs at some other pre-determined location. Here the kids get together for large group shots with friends, and I usually come away also with some nice candid photos from these gatherings.

Afterwards, the kids all leave for a resturant, and then on they go to the dance. The waiting begins...and if you are a parent you know exactly what I mean!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't experienced that yet...but will next year. This is a great set that I'm sure your daughter will treasure