Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"And So It Is".....thoughts on 2008

2009 is nearly upon us, approaching at the speed of light. I am ready, eager to step forward even though much of 2008 will be carried with me. Sweet, and bittersweet memories etched upon my heart. I recieved all the sweetness that life has to offer a man this year, and experienced my share of sorrows as well.

I feel like my photography has grown in leaps this year. I've lost count of the epiphany moments where some technique or other has finally found its way to my own understanding of it. Creating, bending, and shaping light has become a pre-occupation whenever a camera is in my hand. To that end, I have reached my goals for this year by beginning to use flash off of the camera, and in purchasing a fast telephoto zoom. It's been a wonderful ride for me this year as far as photogrphy is concerned. If variety is the spice of life, I might be a cayenne pepper. I had the opportunity to photograph everything from infants to a 90 year old...a New Mexico desert to a Louisiana snow....a birthday party and a funeral...from wine rooms to sandy beaches....from high school seniors to weddings. You might say I have just about seen it all in 2008 through the lens.

On a personal side much has happened as well. Highs and lows. Happiness and sorrows. We watched Kristina graduate from high school, and then a few months later drove out of town, moved her into her first dorm, then drove away. It was a very quiet trip home. We had a major hurricane named Gustov that turned Baton Rouge upside down....then last week the worst snow I have ever seen here...ever! Breanna, our youngest, got her drivers license. That'll make you feel old. My saddest moment was with my grandmother. We listened to her call out for my long dead grandfather in agony. I watched an uncle drip water into her thirsty mouth with a straw. The following week, along with her other grandsons, I carried her to a place beneath an ancient magnolia tree in the National Cemetary in Baton Rouge to rest, peacefully with my grandfather. Losing someone whose mere presence on this earth brings comfort is a tough pill to swallow.

My happiest moment, though, found me as happy as I have ever been in life. So high that the weight of all the rest that is wrong in this world could never tether me to the ground. Joy, so pure, at the sight of my son walking out of the assembly center at Southeastern Louisiana University with that diploma in his hand. I have never been so proud of anything in all my life. Man that felt good!

My hopes are that 2009 will be every bit as meaningful to me as 2008. My prayers are that my friends and loved ones experience that same kind of sweetness in their lives. That regardless of the joys and sorrows that we experience, God has orchestrated our paths as part of His perfect plan. He has given us this miraculous gift of life and promises us infinite life beyond.

..and so it is!


ladytx said...


May God bless and prosper YOUR 2009!!!



Travis Owney said...

Nicely put Jeff. It strikes home in a myriad of ways. Hold those memories of your loved ones close and grow from the challenges that you survived. It only builds anticipation for the splendor to come. To you and your lovely family, I wish a Merry Christmas and the best in '09!

(oh, some new glass would rock too)

Qarik said...

excellent..love the music

Chris Dillard said...

Dude, not to sound like a broken record, but you have some major talent bro. I am honored to be in company with an artist as you and blessed to have you as a friend. Let me know when your free to do those promo pics for my new stuff. Later Mann!

Jackie said...

To share in someone's life is a blessing on earth. So often we take it for granted, don't we? I am privileged to have shared in yours.

As you talk about Josh...heck, I'm just his aunt, but his graduation day was a real high for me....I tear up just thinking of his accomplishment. I have not ever been prouder of any human being in my life. That feeling sure snuck up on me. I love that boy!!

I cannot imagine how quiet that car was on the drive home after leaving Kristina at college. One thing is for sure, you can now say you have traveled that road! It'll be an even different road when you make the trip with Bre!!

Mama's death will be with me forever. I still catch myself doing stuff around the house on the weekends and thinking to myself I need to call her. I've even gone so far as to pick up the phone. You are so right...just her presence on this earth gave us a certain amount of security. Now she gives me that security from up above. One thing her death taught me....there absolutely is a God in Heaven and He brought his angels to her to carry her Home. As she cried out the names of people long dead, I'm convinced they were the angels God sent to welcome her to a home she only dreamed about before.

Finally, I am proud of YOU! I remember so many fun times growing up with you as my younger brother and all your goofy, funny, and lovable friends...late night talks...(boy I could tell some stories on you)....and now in front of me is a man who has come into his own and shows a deep appreciation for life and what he has been given. Don't ever lose that perspective. It fits you perfectly.

Merry Christmas, my brother. I love you, Kimberly and those wonderful kids. May you all be safe and happy during the holidays. You will be on my mind and in my heart.

I love you,

Kari Lynn said...

You not only have a talent for photography, you have a talent with words. I guess it is because you speak from your heart and that is where you insight for your pictures comes from.

Everytime I come to your sight, I leave in tears... There is so much of your heart in this site, that it is beautiful and moving to read.

I love the pictures you took of Claire's Wedding. I was glad to be able to see her wonderful day. She was my flower girl in my wedding and I am glad to see she had such a beautiful wedding! There are some incredible pictures in that album and she was lucky to have you there to capture them for her.

I love you and I am so glad you are a part of my family!!