Saturday, December 22, 2007

Elbow Grease

There is nothing quite like the smell of a new car, and buying one is usually a momentus occasion. These are a few shots of some old rusting in peace vehicles I have found near my hometown. Though well past their prime, I am sure they were the epitome of engineering in their heyday. I imagined the families that owned these machines as they went to the dealerships to pick them out. Negotiating the price. Excited. Nervous. Choosing optional equipment. Perhaps even driving around after the purchase to show off their new car to friends.

American Grafitti

Heavy Metal


David Bowman said...

I really like your work.
would it be possible for me to add a link to your site on my photo blog page?

keep up the good work.

lynne said...

I am so digging these truck shots! I can't decide which I like best, so I'm glad you included them all. Very cool!

Jeff said...

David, sure why not....and thank you for asking first!

Lynne, There are plenty more where those came from. I will have to remember to put some more of those up sometime.