Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh!!!......I am blogging now!!!

I have finally been convinced that I should keep a blog. The deciding criteria was that it is just to easy not to do it. Hopefully by the time 2008 rolls in I will be familair with everything I need to be familiar with to be able to keep this blog up to date with the goings on of JKMann Photography.

I have recently begun the search for a very inexpensive way to use my Canon 580EX II flash unit off of the camera. If you don't know it, the 580 EX II has a PC jack so that all one needs to do is purchase a cord, and (if your camera doesn't have one) a hotshoe to PC adaptor. This would seem like a pretty easy and cheap way to get the flash off the camera, but there is one major drawback. Using the PC connection will allow the flash to be used only in manual, and the highly touted Canon ETTL II functionality would be lost. I have a plan to be able to extend the flash up to 30 feet from the camera and retain ETTL II functionality for under a hundred dollars. I plan to go forward with this experiment after the first of next year so......stay tuned.

I was lucky to have expanded my passion for photography into a business last March. Friends and aquaintences had told me for years that I should be charging $$ for my photography. I did not think that it would take off as fast as it has. I truely feel blessed that I can now share something that is such a huge part of who I am with others. I will take this opportunity to kindly thank ALL of my clients for entrusting their memories to me.

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