Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jesse- Senior Peek!!!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of capturing Jesse's senior portraits. On day three of a four day rain we snuck out between showers, well mostly between, to shoot the photographs. It was soggy, muddy, yucky weather, but the dense overcast skies provided us the opportunity to shoot in an area that normally would be bathed in harsh sunlight, something I try to avoid with portraits. It turned out to be a productive afternoon, and a lot of that can be credited to Trey and his family for allowing us to use their property for the photographs.(Thank You Trey)

Having known Jesse for quite some time, I already knew that he REALLY doesn't like to have a camera pointed at him! Despite that, Jesse made a special exception to his "no photographs" rule and together I think we captured some great senior portraits that his family will enjoy for a very long time.

Jesse is a member of the Central Private School graduating class of 2009. After graduation Jesse has made plans to become a United States Marine. Congratulations Jesse!!!


You are a tough guy! I know this because I know that it is tough sometimes to be a christian in today's world. It's tough to choose between doing something for your church, or having fun with friends. It's tough to keep focused on what's right, and set a good example. It's tough to be a good role model for your brother, and it's tough to be the man of the house. It's all tough, but you are "the man" and I feel privileged to have you as a friend. Keep the faith Jesse, and I want you to know that I am very, very proud of you!


donna_lee said...

it's men like you that make guys like j strive to be better. i love you!

Lisa Coarsey said...

Well said, Jesse IS awesome!!! (and those are some really GREAT pictures of Jesse!!)

Thank you BOTH for the time and effort in getting some of the BEST Senior Pictures (SO true to Jesse's character) I've seen in several years!!!

Really good work ~ thanks for capturing the moment and words well said!

Ann Merrill said...

Great job Jeff!!
Thanks for being such an important part of Jesse's world and for taking such awesome pictures and that is a totally unbiased opinion!
J you are turning out to be the wonderful man i always prayed you would be. i just wish you all the best in your future
love you sooooo very much

Heasleye said...

Very nice set, Jeff! He and the photos have a very classic, all-American look to them. Congrats to you both.

Jan said...

I really love that first shot! Fabulous!