Monday, May 25, 2009

Every Time a Bell Rings....

It's been awhile since I have had time to make an entry here on "Through the Lens". Thankfully, that is partially excusable due to the fact that I had been super busy with an April wedding and an influx of senior portrait clients. That is a good thing. I also have been preparing to transition over to a new desktop pc. I chose to build this one myself and it has been a fun project. Aside from that DIY satisfaction, the fact that I built it myself also meant that I could afford extras like...oh say....12 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM. I know...its ridiculous, but what the hay, right?

I am finally getting caught up on my photography "work" from last month. This was further delayed due to super long hours and a seven day per week work schedule at my "real" job. Im not complaining though...not in this economy!

And lastly, I had to say goodbye to a true friend. Our nimble, smart, loving pup became seriously ill and although we provided all the treatment and prayers we could she just wasn't able to recover from her surgery. We later found out that she had cancer. If she had made it through surgery, we would have had to put her to sleep a few months later. Thankfully, God made that decision for us as I think we would have all had a hard time following through with that. She resides now, dust in a box, that we are reluctant to bury.

I think we could all stand to learn a lesson or two from a dog such as she. She always met us happily as we returned from wherever we had been. Loving us as though it might be her last chance. No matter what kind of day we were returning from, there she was...tail wagging...excited grin...relentless companionship. Unconditional love at its purest. She was a good girl...a very good girl....and yes she was well trained and did indeed ring a bell when the need arose and she needed to go outside.

We miss you Pep..... everytime a bell rings....


Heasleye said... angel gets its wings.

Glad to see a post from you! Congrats on your new PC.
So sorry about your pup. She sounds like a great dog. That photo is just one of the best ever, I think!
All the best,

Jan said...

Jeff, I am crying after reading your words about your dog and looking at that stunning photo. I'm so sorry you lost her! We lost our first "baby" (greyhound) last fall and it was so tough, so I know how you're feeling!