Friday, July 3, 2009

All About Seniors!!!

Admittedly, the on-location senior portrait sessions that I do are among my favorite types of portraiture. Getting to know the young men and women that I photograph, and sharing a part in this milestone in their lives brings me great pleasure. Capturing photographs that will represent their personality in a manner that will be as much in style in the years to come as it is now is a goal that I set and follow with each of them. While clothing plays a huge part in this goal, the type of processing and treatment of the images after they are captured is also a big part of keeping with the classic...yet stylish...look.

I was blessed this year to have the opportunity to photograph seniors from four different area high schools. One drum major, two football players, a baseball player, a cheerleader, three young women who are on a flag team....(all three of whom will be part of the LSU Marching Band flag team next year)...a dancer, and, well, the list goes on and on. All of them great looking kids who seemed actively involved in their respective schools. I think the rest of us are fortunate to have young adults such as these joining us in the coming years in our voting booths, workforces, and I am sure they will play vital roles in each. I wish warm congratulations to the graduating class of 2009. May your best years lie ahead!

...and now....a few samples from the class of 2009!

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